We have energy solutions - for any business size and any situation.



Investments in solar energy allow businesses to reduce energy costs, increase their bottom line, and take a step towards green energy goals.

NetSolar will develop a customized proposal for your business. We handle all aspects of the installation including testing, and connection. After activation, we track system performance and energy savings with our energy monitoring system.  




Homebuilders and Developers

Home buyers are now looking for smart and energy efficient housing. NetSolar is here to deliver clean energy solutions that will set your houses and development apart.  Today's home buyers are now interested with houses which come pre-installed with energy efficient systems. With solar, we can help them secure an electricity rate for the next 20 years no matter how much traditional utility rates go up. 



Power Generation

NetSolar, through our affiliate, NetEnergy, can help incorporate renewable energy into your utility’s energy portfolio.  We can design, build, and provide operations and maintenance services to meet your requirements. 

We can create a customized program that considers all aspects of rate design and impact, capacity valuation, energy valuation, grid integration value, and transmission and distribution system cost avoidance.